Commercial Testimonials

We had Chem-Dry clean all 4 of our buses, and our buses are used heavily with a lot of traffic on and off. Chem-Dry was able to make the seats look brand new and the all the buses smell great. We are satisfied with the service and the guys were nice and very gentlemanly.

Road Runner Transportation

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Durango, CO

Carpets look great! Crew was very professional & followed all instructions for building access.

Over the past several months I have had the pleasure of working with Chem-Dry of New Mexico. Roger and Maggie Rehfeld have been excellent to work with. Their prices are very reasonable and their scheduling and response time are without fail.We have had carpets that seemed beyond restoration but Roger has always been able to pull off a miracle! Since they have started working with us, we have set up a regular schedule for the care of our public carpeting. The carpets haven't looked better.Being a hotel located in the historic district of Santa Fe, we receive very heavy foot traffic most hours of the day and night. The Rehfelds are always willing to work after hours and the carpet is always clean and presentable by the beginning of the next business day. I would recommend Chem-Dry to anyone!"

Ron Rockelein

Santa Fe, NM

Thanks to you and your company for the outstanding job you did cleaning the Wurster Auditorium carpets last week. My staff and I were startled to see the tremendous recovery you were able to elicit from this very abused rug.

The carpets, which had suffered significant soiling over the past two years, appeared to us to be permanently blotched and stained with many large coffee spills. However, due to your thorough and professional work, the carpets have regained much of their original look. We greatly appreciated the return of your staff (twice) to spot clean a number of persistent stains until they finally vanished.

In addition to work preformed on the carpets, I understand from my staff that your own cordial and helpful manner made for a very pleasant business exchange; it is good to find a company so disposed to going the extra mile."

Roger Montgomery

University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley, CA

"Since this development was opened 14 years ago, we have tried a variety of carpet cleaners who used both steam and shampooing processes. Our carpeting, both new and replaced, was beginning to look less than acceptable.

Since we have been using your process, this carpeting looks revitalized and renewed.

Your system and your services are impeccable. We shall continue to highly recommend you."

Eloise A. Blumberg

"I have been using the services of Buena Chem-Dry for the past six months. The Chem-Dry system has proved to be a very efficient carpet cleaning service. I have seven high traffic restaurants. Not only do the carpets look super after cleaning but they stay cleaner between services than any other system I've seen. In addition to this and the reason I'm writing this recommendation, is that the owners, Mr. & Mrs. Monk, are very professional and extremely pleasant to work with. They have shown their concerns for pleasing the customer, which is not as common as it should be. This letter was not solicited, but it gives me pleasure to recommend such a fine company."

Don Rains

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We are extremely pleased with the service and personal attention provided by Chem-Dry. The Chem-Dry process leaves our carpet clean and fresh looking.

"My staff and I were startled to see the tremendous recovery you were able to elicit from this very abused rug."

"We have carpets that seemed beyond restoration, but Chem-Dry has always been able to pull off a miracle.  The carpets have never looked better."

"Not only do the carpets look super after cleaning but they stay cleaner between services longer than any other system I’ve seen."

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"Immediate payback in terms of visual expectations."

"I was pleased because the carpet had stains that I thought would never come out. The cleanliness of the carpet makes the store look totally different."

"They cleaned the spots that have been there for about a year."

"This old carpet looks like new!"

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"The company did a great job! We'll definitely use again."